GIR W250 software


  • Designed for cloud (SaaS) deployment;
    Also available on-premises (Windows)

  • Accessible via any web browser, or free app for iPhone/iPad/Android

  • Extremely easy to use

  • Customizable reports

  • Visual reports: bar graphs, pie charts

  • 1-click spreadsheet export

  • Built-in API for data integration with fleet and/or finance software app


  • GIR hardware units remote supervision

  • List of authorized drivers and vehicles

  • Real-time transactions log

  • Vehicles odometer and engine hours

  • Reporting by driver, vehicle, product, site, department, model, etc.

  • Tank inventory management

  • Up to 100+ sites, 10k+ vehicles, 10k+ drivers

  • Up to 16 products: Diesel, Unleaded, DEF...

  • E-mail notifications

Enhanced features

  • Visual reports: bar graphs, pie charts

  • Tank gauge reconciliation

  • Additional prompts: job, activity code, etc.

  • Telematics interface for automatic odometer collection

  • Gate access control

W150 vs. W250

Maximum number of vehicles 3k10k+
Maximum number of drivers 3k10k+
Maximum number of sites 50100+
Maximum number of pumps per site 1616
Multiple software users
Read-only software users
Software users limited to some actions
Software users limited to part of the vehicles / drivers dataset
Organizational levels on top of vehicles and drivers 1up to 3
Customized dashboard
Custom properties (additional fields) for vehicles / drivers
On-the-road refueling manual entry
On-the-road refueling data import
Tank average price based on deliveries
Editable prices per department, with effective dates
All vehicles / drivers authorized everywhere anytime
Per-vehicle and per-driver limited access to certain sites
Per-vehicle and per-driver enforced weekly schedule
Per-vehicle product authorization
Per-model vehicle tank capacity, odometer / engine hours configuration
Per-vehicle tank capacity, odometer / engine hours configuration
Per-vehicle weekly, monthly, or one-time quota
Preventive maintenance reminders
Single identification mode for all vehicles
Single identification mode for all drivers
Multiple identification modes among vehicles
Multiple identification modes among drivers
Multiple timezones (per site, per software user)
Multiple languages (per site, per software user)
Bulk fueling depots management