GIR W150 software


  • Designed for cloud (SaaS) deployment;
    Also available on-premises (Windows)

  • Accessible via any web browser, or free app for iPhone/iPad/Android

  • Extremely easy to use

  • Customizable reports

  • Visual reports: bar graphs, pie charts

  • 1-click spreadsheet export

  • Built-in API for data integration with fleet and/or finance software app


  • GIR hardware units remote supervision

  • List of authorized drivers and vehicles

  • Real-time transactions log

  • Vehicles odometer and engine hours

  • Reporting by driver, vehicle, product, site, department, model, etc.

  • Tank inventory management

  • Up to 50 sites, 3000 vehicles, 3000 drivers

  • Up to 16 products: Diesel, Unleaded, DEF...

  • E-mail notifications

Enhanced features

  • Visual reports: bar graphs, pie charts

  • Tank gauge reconciliation

  • Additional prompts: job, activity code, etc.

  • Telematics interface for automatic odometer collection

  • Gate access control